*Palestrante: Carlos E. Valcárcel (UFABC)

*horário: às 13hs

*data: 09/06

*local: sala  A-109-0

*Título: An introduction to BF Gravity


*Resumo: Two-dimensional Jackiw-Teitelboim gravity can be formulated as a Background Field (BF). Recently, a Polynomial BF theory has been formulated and adds to the usual BF action an interaction term which is polynomial in both, the gauge and Background fields. This formulation is similar to the one given by Freidel and Starodubtsev to obtain MacDowell-Mansouri Gravity in four dimensions. In this seminar we will study these models of BF gravity, analyze the constraint structure of the two-dimensional Polynomial BF action and compare our results with the ones obtained from generalized dilaton gravity.

*Obs: A presença nos seminários é obrigatória para os alunos das disciplinas Seminários do Programa de Matemática II/V.