Palestrante: Prof. Francesco Toppan (CBPF)

Título: The ℤ2×ℤ2 graded symmetry of the Lévy-Leblond Equations.

Data: 16/12/2016.  Local: S 309-2.  Horário: 10h00.



Abstract: The first-order differential Lévy-Leblond equations (LLE's) are the non-relativistic analogs of the Dirac equation, being square roots of (1+d)-dimensional Schrödinger or heat equations. Just like the Dirac equation, the LLE's possess a natural supersymmetry.
The free LLE's possess another,  Z_2XZ_2-graded symmetry, not recognized in the literature. The presence of the ℤ2×ℤ2-graded Lie symmetry of the (1+2)-dimensional free heat LLE introduces a new feature, explaining the existence of first-order differential symmetry operators not entering the super Schrödinger algebra.

The talk is based on Aizawa-Kuznetsova-Tanaka-F.T., arXiv:1609.08224 (to appear in PTEP).